Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Aquaponics System Summary

Skillz That Killz
Molly Britting, & Frank Kostopoulos

                       Just beginning to sprout ---->

<======The Spinach has                    
gotten extremely long

                                               Settling in-->
<----- It has begun to sprout

Chart/Table:                          Amonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Temp, & PH over 30+ Days                        

 Graph:                                  Amonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Temp, & PH over 30+ Days:
ph, nitrate, ammonia levels

nitrite vs. temp levels

Table With Plant Growth:

Final Picture of Plants:


Graph With Plant Growth:

Hypothesis Summary

I believe our hypothesis met our expectation and showed us that we are good at guessing. We said the fish would help provide enough nutrients for our plants to grow and thrive in their environment. The two fish we had were very healthy and were able to live as long as we needed them to.

Fish Data

Fish Behavior Log

Day 1- Very calm, both fish are hiding in the shadows in our bucket.   
Day 2- Both fish show good signs of health and are eating the food we are giving them.
Day 3- Very calm, both fish are hiding somewhere.
Day 4- The two fish are very cold and moving slow.
Day 5- The fish are very calm in the fish bucket.
Day 6- The fish look healthy and calm.
Day 7- The fish are strong and health.y
Day 8- They are both dead.

Thursday, November 20, 2014



2.  Scientific names: Spinacia oleraceaOcimum basilicum

3. Our plants look extremely healthy and are growing at a constant rate. They're providing nutrients for our fish and vise versa. 

4. Our plant growth has exceeded our expectations.

5. We were apprehensive when we first started because we weren't familiar with the aquaponics process, but we have had minimal issues with our plants and fish.  

6. The only thing we would do differently is have better living conditions for our fish. (i.e. bigger tank, more rocks, etc.)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

introduction to our biome!

purpose of investigation: to understand the importance of an aquaponics biome and its surroundings.

hypothesis: plants will increase the amount of positive growth throughout the aquaponic

plants: spinach (scientific name: spinach oleracea)
           basil (scientific name: ocimum basilicum

animals: black molly (scientific name: poecilia sphenops)

medium: putting stems in hydrogen beads for more support

- we will document the process in our notebooks then post pictures and updates on blogspot

- we know we have succeeded when our fish live and the plant's growth increase as well as having a healthy living environment for our fish and plants

Aquaponics Questions

  1. So far our plants have grown very well and are fish have not died yet.
  2. The smell of our fish bucket is very bad, but it is easy to get use to.
  3. The most surprising thing is how well our plants have grown.
  4. We should probably get a stronger pump but it is expensive. This would make our fish more happy and it would help us see them more often.
  5. Picture: